Note: Jimmy passed away on May 10th 2014.  He was a Marine thru and thru and believed in the Marines and his country.  He will be missed by many for his sense of humor and his compassion.  He was proud of this web site as a place for Vietnam and other war Vets to come and start to heal.  I will keep this page open and available to be sure his legacy lives on.  I miss you Jimmy.  Rest in Peace my Friend.....Semper  Fidelis
I volunteered to join the US Marine Corp in June '67...In Dec '69 I found myself in Vietnam.  I was a 20 year old Marine Corporal and have never been more scared in my life.  I had just left my bride of only one month and was 10,000 miles away from anyone that meant anything to me.  I didn't know why we were fighting in "The Nam" and it wasn't my duty to ask.  I was a Marine and I was ordered to go.  I saw things there that no one can ever believe unless they were there themselves.  I love the Marine Corps and I love my country.  I understand that the protestors of the Vietnam War were making a noble effort to end the war.  What  they didn't understand was that they demoralized the human spirit of those fighting in Vietnam.  They made us feel like second class citizens when we returned home and stepped off those airplanes and ships.  As an American, a Marine Corps Sgt and a Vietnam Veteran, I say WELCOME HOME GUYS,  JOB WELL DONE!!!!

I wanted to dedicate this page to the Veterans of all wars who have served their country honorably.  I dedictate it to fallen warriors.  You are missed and not forgotten.  Than you for your service and your dedication.

A special thanks to Bille for her untiring efforts in looking at so many links & hundreds of pictures....for her unselfishness in giving of her time & patience in helping me get my thoughts from inside my heart and transferring them to this web page...Thank you ...143

I want to thank Jimmy for giving me the opportunity to create this page.  It has been a very emotional venture.  I want to thank all veterans and service persons for putting your lives on hold and on the line to  protect my freedom.  For those who lost their lives protecting our freedom I hope you can hear me..................THANK YOU  ----Billie
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